“Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.”


From a personal perspective I often see things on TV that have a profound effect on me either making me laugh or cry and simply hate it when they get taken down so i can never see them again so that is why i have created this page

If you did read my diary then you will already know that the Gulf played a big part in my Naval career during both the 1st Gulf War and the Second Gulf War.

I was fortunate to have visited most regions in the Gulf and was blown away, even in those days, as to what was on offer. 

So when Jill said she wanted to go on holiday bearing in mind we had visited Cancun on our honeymoon, there was only one place i wanted her to see.

So in 2007 we had our first trip to Dubai staying at the famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel. As it happens we visited Jumeirah again many more times with Jill refusing to go anywhere else!!
Music videos I just LOVE