“Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.”


A fresh faced good looking young man.

(Well this is my website after all)

This was me back in 2001 when I

was at the

Yorkshire Post


And pretty much how i am today maybe with several more grey hairs but i don’t mind that

I was born in Leeds (West Yorkshire) and am the only son of Janet Brodie. I grew up in Bramley where I was educated at Raynville Primary, Sandford Secondary and Benjamin Gott High. School days, as your grandmother always tells you, were in-fact the best days!

I was married June 5th 2004 - A very happy day especially as my health was good and we were able to do everything that you do on your wedding day as in walk my wife down the isle, stand to make my speech and enjoy a fantastic honeymoon in Cancun.

There however is a sad part for me though - There wasn’t 1 member of my family to share my special day!! My mother knew when and where we were getting married and had an invite but she just ignored it and missed her only son’s wedding. 

I left school at the tender age of 16 and joined the Royal Navy. Whilst serving i saw action in the Iran/Iraq conflict, 1st Gulf War and the 2nd Gulf War. I spent 7 months in the Falklands, a year in Hong Kong and visited destinations like, Flensburg, Gibraltar (of-course), Morocco, Rhodes, Corfu, Port Said, Rio, Crete, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Mombasa, Seychelles, Ascension Island, Saudi Arabia and many more i can't even remember. Some bloody good times though let me tell you!

Met many good friends whilst serving and i would just like to mention a few i can remember. Darbs (James Allen) many, many good times on the pop, Darjeeling Cricket Club in Dubai was excellent. I originally said on here that I couldn’t track Jim down but that all changed about 3 yrs ago. I was having a Facebook conversation with a friend when the subject came up and she said let me try and find him for you. 

Well she did and thanks to Lisa we are back in contact and have met up on several occasions down at his and up here for a few beers and watch football. It is great to be in contact with Jim and he is truly a great friend!

Steve Bunbury (original hawkeye) who spotted the first missile on his radar during the first Gulf War. David Shaffi from Hull. Platts (Mark Plater) again many, many good times and stories of what we got up to. Ohh, there are loads but i just can't remember the names.
I left in 1999 as a L(AC) Acting PO due to being diagnosed with MS in 1997, Please read my diary which i wrote from day to day whilst in the 1st Gulf War. It is just as it was and exactly translated from the diary that i still have.Gulf_War_Diary.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

I try my very best to live my life through the Law of Attraction and believing that things in life will happen for a reason.

Its not meant to sound all weird and things but Jill and me are strong believers just as we are in God. YES I certainly struggle sometimes with how I am physically totally born out of the frustration that I can’t do something. Even though i am 100% confident with MS and lived alongside it since 1998 you would think that it wouldn’t still have the effect it does on me sometimes.

Volunteering and helping others is what i feel i should be doing now and thats the career I want but...

You wouldn’t believe the struggles i have had whilst trying to volunteer, MS Society, Leeds Mind, Touchstone, The Nerve Centre, and there are more, but I make contact, send my CV and ask if i can get involved but nothing ever comes back of it but using my own mantra

“Realize that if a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.”

then I shouldn’t keep pushing should I?

I just don’t know and am so fed up where i work that its becoming very hard to get motivated for anything. I have worked there for 9 years but a boss who was only there for 6 months ruined everything for me with his mental bullying. It has really taken a lot out of me. He has being sacked now but all the time it was going on I have no support or belief from anyone let alone the owners of the business.

What with being made redundant and the struggles i have had with bosses whilst being disabled I know i am a strong/proud ex forces man but there are only so many times you can be knocked down before you just don’t get up anymore but I will not let it get me down and is why I am perfectly positioned to give empathy as i truly have seen it, experienced it and come through it!!

I WANT to get up in the morning and be excited for the days hard work and graft and the difference i will make to someone else's life, I very sincerely hope it will happen soon and that I can start a new career where I can grown, learn and eventually be the person everyone will look up to.

So from what I have just said above I have recently returned from a respite break (June 2014) where i was chatting with my best buddy, Cliff Bush (OBE) and have come up with the idea of expanding my MCBMind.co.uk website to not only bring disability access and rights issues to the fore but also to help people with Mental Health problems.

There is a lot of work to do but we honestly think the best way to make a difference to people is to take this forward as a ‘Charity’ so once I have finished updating my family site I will then put all my energy in finding out what needs to be done to make it happen.

I have my very first MCB Mind court case being processed at the moment by Unity Law against a local pub that is run by a massive pub chain (Punch Taverns). A £100,000 recently achieved update has been done but they have neglected to give any access for physically challenged people, no ramp at front entrance or rear and no disabled toilet facilities.

Any funds received through compensation will be put towards the bigger picture and the formation of the charity which will support people for all walks of life, Including ex service personnel who suffer from Mental Health issues.http://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_4_link_0
Why not get in direct contact with me for business         opportunities & Interviews

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